St Julian’s Church, History on King Street, Norwich, Norfolk.

St Julian’s Church and  Lady Julian.

Here on King Street, there is a small alley way, we’ve walked it many times to cut through to Norwich City Centre, St Julian’s Church sits in the alley between King Street and Rouen Road.

Although the church as it stands now, was mainly rebuilt in 1953, after the war, it is reckoned that a church has been on this site since approximately 950.

Julian of Norwich (born 1342) was an ‘anchoress’ (hermit) who lived in a small room attached to the church for over 40 years. After a serious illness and many visions, she became the first woman to write a book in English. Her book ‘The Revelations of Divine Love’, took over 20 years to write, and is regarded as a spiritual classic, her perception as being  ‘centuries ahead of her time’. Pilgrims come from all over the world to visit.

St Julian’s Church and ‘The Julian Cell’ and is an easy 10 minute walk from 106 The Malt House, opening hours are daily 7.30am to 5pm (earlier in winter). The Julian Centre, with reference library and sales is open Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 3.30pm.

It’s fascinating, and reminds us of the history that is held in Norwich, with St Julian’s being one of 32 remaining Medieval Church’s and 2 Cathedrals.

106 The Malt House is part of a secure, riverside development, built 2009-10. Offering modern conveniences on one of the most historical streets in Norwich.

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