Local Running Routes

Our favourite countryside 10km straight from 106 The Malt House: Left out of the door, cross Carrow Road/King Street Junction run straight to traffic lights, gentle left down to roundabout near Countyhall. Stay straight on pavement and head to Trowse. Merge left towards Norfolk Snow Sports Club and Whittlingham Broad (2 pubs at Trowse!). Right round the broad and follow the same route back, making sure you run behind The Malt House along the River Wensum and back across The Novi Sad Friendship Bridge to The Malt House!

Favourite City Runs – many routes, that take in King Street, City Centre, Ancient Elm Hill, Tombland, Norwich Cathedral and The River Wensum on the way back. We love these routes in the evening when the shops are closed and night life is kicking off!

RunWalkJog Norwich Click here!