Coffee & Eating on King Street, Norwich.

With family at football in Norwich today, I took the opportunity to hop on the bus to 106 for the changeover clean.

Jumping off at Tombland I started on the 10 minute stroll towards The Malt House down King Street. The street really is becoming a fab place to head out onto early for that first coffee of the day with the paper, or after a morning run,  It’s good also for brunch, lunch and dinner with No 42 opening until 11 or 12pm. From Tombland the first place I pass is indeed:

42 King Street – Cocktail and Tapas Bar. Open 10am til late Mon-Sat.

Then today I noticed The Café Club, it’s been open 3 months, and the food on the counter looked good, have made a ‘note to self’ to call in for a drink and a foodie treat!

The Café Club – 41 King Street, follow the link to see what they are up to. Lovely little café. Opening at 7.30am.

The Butterfly Café – 114a King Street. Café, indoor & outdoor seating.

Café 135 – at Bicycle Links – 135 King Street – Café. Hire a bike for the day or week here also.

Lastly I was drawn to Smokey Barn by the heavenly aroma of roasting coffee pouring outside. We’ve been looking for a really local place to buy coffee from, for our guests Welcome Packs, and after a quick chat, I walked out with a supply of ‘roasted today’ coffee specially bagged up and labelled for us! This will be in the kitchen from next week…

Smokey Barn – Roasting Coffee Weekly & Cafe. Nip down and collect some coffee for home, it’s literally a 3 minute walk from 106 The Malt House! 165 King Street, Norwich. TripAdvisor reviews here.

One of the things that all these businesses have in common is that they are not big chains, and if you google them for their reviews, people are loving them!