SHHHH Guide to Norwich

The SHHHH Guides to Norwich have arrived at 106!

We love them, they give heaps of clear info on Norwich Cafe’s, Restaurants, Shops, Entertainment & Places to go.

We’ve started finding little treasures we haven’t noticed  before, particularly some eateries on Exchange Street, that we had missed as they are first floor businesses, or we simply hadn’t seen them!

To have a copy of your own ready for your arrival for your city break, simply add it to your booking form when you reserve your dates £7…


Service Fee? Why…

We are a small business, aiming to provide a lovely place for single guests or couples to spend a few nights or a month in Norwich.

We can have as much, or as little contact with our guests as they want, take the bookings ourselves, make 106 immaculate before each new arrival, and we love it!

But, if you believed all you read on some of the big  online travel agent websites, you’d be forgiven for thinking we might just take your hard earned pennies and run off for an expensive safari in South Africa, never to be seen again…

So, you book time and time again, from one of the two big sites, that actually own nearly all of the big sites, and you pay the service fee to protect your payments…

Since these sites started charging guests a service fee, we no longer advertise with any of them. We only place ads with online sites that charge us a fee not you! These include Visit Norwich, Glaven Valley, Internet Cottages, Cottages Direct & Britain’s Finest.

You will find our website, usually in the top two pages of Google, because we sit until the wee small hours tweaking and blogging to keep us there, (with a cuppa and a decent slab of chocolate)!

We take a 30% deposit when you book, which is non refundable, you then pay the balance and a refundable housekeeping deposit, 4 weeks before you arrive for your holiday in Norwich. If you are cautious, pay by credit card, with all the protection this delivers from your bank, if you prefer cheques, we still accept them, if you love BACS, do that (we love that one too). We will send an email confirmation of each payment we receive.

Take out travel insurance, this is standard advice. If you need to cancel at short notice, we can write a letter to your insurers if it helps.

Where ever you decide to book, consider reading this article first!

#Bookdirect #Saveservicefees

Sarah x

Late availability!

Not usually available, but this weekend we are offering the chance to book a 2 Night Norwich City Break for £180 (plus refundable £100 Housekeeping Deposit).

Arrival Saturday 10th February between 2-4pm, departure Monday 12th.

Booking form below:


Guest Reviews.

We’ve just added more comments from the guest book in 106 The Malt House, reading back through them all it’s so lovely to see people loving the city of Norwich and seeing what they get up to while here!

All the comments are genuine, and can be seen when you stay, there are lots more, but I’d be here all day on the laptop rather than preparing the apartment for our next guests…

Sarah x

Payment for your city break…

We hope to give you more choice when booking a Norwich City Break with us at 106.

Fill in the booking form, we will block the dates (the calendar is up to date), let us know your preferred payment method. Bacs,cheque,cards are all great from UK bank account holders, credit and debit card holders world wide can easily pay online. You choose!

£90 a night, all year, no hikes. Your own space, terrace & parking.