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When you book, you’ll be doing so with Sarah and Rob personally. Book direct for our best prices and no additional service fees. We do hope you’ll consider it!

Simply check dates, fill in form, click the ‘submit’ button! We will reserve your city break for you and send a payment request.

We are happy to accept credit/debit cards, cheques or BACS. The deposit is 30% of the booking cost(non refundable), then the balance and £100 refundable Housekeeping deposit 4 weeks prior to arrival. If you are paying by card simply use the system below once we have emailed confirmation.

Do think about adding the SHHHH Guide, we think it’s super cool, informative and clear, we have one  ourselves and use it with every visit to Norwich…

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For cheques or bacs (from UK bank accounts), we will block dates on receipt of your booking form & send you our bank details for a BACS payment or information for a cheque. Debit & credit cards can be accepted with no additional charges from UK/European/Overseas guests.

Once we have received your booking form, we will confirm by email very quickly.

For card payments use this box below once we have confirmed.


Our Terms March 2018 when you book, you are agreeing to these terms.