What’s new in 106?

Just yesterday we have removed the 40 inch TV and replaced it with a 50 inch Smart TV. We are by no means telly addicts, but, when we are on holiday, we are frustrated by the 19 inch or even smaller TV’s on offer, parked up in the corner of the room where people over 40 can’t see it without a special set of specs on! So, use the TV or don’t, but it’s there for all our guests now!

Also popped in is an XBox 360 machine, which can either be used for playing DVD’s or for playing games. Do bring your favourites from home!

Summer City Breaks are very different to Winter, with guests able to make full use of our private South Facing Terrace, fling open the two sets of French doors and get about and explore on foot or head over to the coast and the Norfolk Broads. With the addition of the TV & XBox we simply hope to make ‘duvet days’ a little more entertaining if you are unlucky enough to have a poor day weather wise…