Coffee & Eating on King Street, Norwich.

With family at football in Norwich today, I took the opportunity to hop on the bus to 106 for the changeover clean.

Jumping off at Tombland I started on the 10 minute stroll towards The Malt House down King Street. The street really is becoming a fab place to head out onto early for that first coffee of the day with the paper, or after a morning run,  It’s good also for brunch, lunch and dinner with No 42 opening until 11 or 12pm. From Tombland the first place I pass is indeed:

42 King Street – Cocktail and Tapas Bar. Open 10am til late Mon-Sat.

Then today I noticed The Café Club, it’s been open 3 months, and the food on the counter looked good, have made a ‘note to self’ to call in for a drink and a foodie treat!

The Café Club – 41 King Street, follow the link to see what they are up to. Lovely little café. Opening at 7.30am.

The Butterfly Café – 114a King Street. Café, indoor & outdoor seating.

Café 135 – at Bicycle Links – 135 King Street – Café. Hire a bike for the day or week here also.

Lastly I was drawn to Smokey Barn by the heavenly aroma of roasting coffee pouring outside. We’ve been looking for a really local place to buy coffee from, for our guests Welcome Packs, and after a quick chat, I walked out with a supply of ‘roasted today’ coffee specially bagged up and labelled for us! This will be in the kitchen from next week…

Smokey Barn – Roasting Coffee Weekly & Cafe. Nip down and collect some coffee for home, it’s literally a 3 minute walk from 106 The Malt House! 165 King Street, Norwich. TripAdvisor reviews here.

One of the things that all these businesses have in common is that they are not big chains, and if you google them for their reviews, people are loving them!





Breakfast in Norwich.

I headed over to Norwich early last week before a changeover, so decided to venture into a different café for breakfast and for my morning cuppa!

Parked at TK Maxx on the Cathedral Retail park, and strolled on up to St Benedict’s Street.

Many times I’ve walked right past ‘House’ in favour of other cafes I know and have tried.

So I headed in, spur of the moment. The vibe is relaxed, gentle music in the background and quite a band of customers in already by 8.45am. The place felt slightly quirky, maybe a bit retro, I don’t know, but I instantly liked it! Friendly waiting lady and chef…

Breakfast ordered (service from 9am) my pot of leaf tea arrived straight away, strong, with a mini jug of milk. Other customers arrived, sat on a window seat, or further back near the bar, ordered, read papers, people watched, ate and left, more arrived…

Scrambled eggs on home made Ciabatta just after 9, a proper portion, buttery toast, tasty eggs – perfect start to the day.

No complaints, a gentle start to a busy day!

(Walk there from 106 The Malt House or park up where I did at NR2 4SZ.)

St Julian’s Church, History on King Street, Norwich, Norfolk.

St Julian’s Church and  Lady Julian.

Here on King Street, there is a small alley way, we’ve walked it many times to cut through to Norwich City Centre, St Julian’s Church sits in the alley between King Street and Rouen Road.

Although the church as it stands now, was mainly rebuilt in 1953, after the war, it is reckoned that a church has been on this site since approximately 950.

Julian of Norwich (born 1342) was an ‘anchoress’ (hermit) who lived in a small room attached to the church for over 40 years. After a serious illness and many visions, she became the first woman to write a book in English. Her book ‘The Revelations of Divine Love’, took over 20 years to write, and is regarded as a spiritual classic, her perception as being  ‘centuries ahead of her time’. Pilgrims come from all over the world to visit.

St Julian’s Church and ‘The Julian Cell’ and is an easy 10 minute walk from 106 The Malt House, opening hours are daily 7.30am to 5pm (earlier in winter). The Julian Centre, with reference library and sales is open Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 3.30pm.

It’s fascinating, and reminds us of the history that is held in Norwich, with St Julian’s being one of 32 remaining Medieval Church’s and 2 Cathedrals.

106 The Malt House is part of a secure, riverside development, built 2009-10. Offering modern conveniences on one of the most historical streets in Norwich.

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Easter & April Escapes in Norwich.

Due to half term and a higher density of ‘teenagers’ being around, our blog has been left for just a few days!

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