Summer Update!

We’re having a lovely summer at 106 The Malt House.

As ever we keep making small tweaks and improvements, we’ve added more bamboo to the terrace,(thanks to our guests for the watering, to nurse them through the summer months). There are over 200 mini solar lights out there now, that flick on at dusk. It’s a little evening haven in the city.

‘Haven’ is a word that a few guests are now using to describe 106 in their comments, another phrase that keeps coming up is ‘home from home’. We are really pleased about this as that’s what we are trying to provide. A really comfy, immaculate place that our guests are at home in. We have filled it will new pieces, bought from places like Jane Richards, Hamptons, The Granary locally, with framed photography by local people such as Mick Buston. The beds and handmade mattresses are from The Wrought Iron & Brass Bed company, another local family business.

We have been out and about eating and drinking at more Norwich cafe’s and restaurants, and if we liked them, they are on the website. If you aren’t into making breakfast, our favourite early place is Louis Deli in Upper St Giles Street, there’s a lovely atmosphere, and from 8am they serve breakfast, coffee and fresh bread can be picked up or homemade ready meals and treats.

We are now having more repeat guests, two couples are even on their third visit each. We don’t reduce prices, as we don’t reduce our standards and we love the place too much, but if you rebook we will leave you two bottles of decent wine as a thank you, it will always be thoroughly drinkable!

Our guests come from all walks of life, and places, some are pretty local, simply looking for a quick escape from the everyday at home! Some are coming from Australia, Gibralter, Ireland, Canada, Spain, France and all over Britain. Some are young couples, some are here for work and many of you are enjoying well earned holidays and exploring closer to home than past trips. The staycation business seems to be growing, and with us as a family living locally, guests know we can be contacted if needed. Being a Norfolk family also gives us an edge on suggesting places to go if requested. We love Norwich, and Norfolk and can make recommendations for walking trips, train trips are day visits with a car. We can include country, city and our fab coast.

Well, blogs should really be short, so signing off now, but if anyone wants to know anything, remember to just ask!