A Round up of 2016 so far…

2016 has been fun in 106!

The biggest ‘buzz’ for us, has been the thrill of having so many guests returning to stay at 106. Some for their 4th visit!

Each time they come back we let guests know in advance what improvements we’ve made, so they know we are keeping our eye ‘on the ball’.

This year we have again welcomed couples and solo travellers from Australia, tracing their family roots and visiting family and friends in Norwich. A German couple, with no car, who arrived suitcases in hands straight off the train from Cornwall on a UK trip, exhausted after a day with no snacks! We’ve met Americans, who came to ‘do’ Norfolk and have also hosted corporate clients, looking for a more ‘homely’ and spacious place to stay whilst on business locally.

We have been truly grateful for those that have watered our bamboo on the terrace, we can’t seem to take a decent enough photo to do the terrace justice, but it’s spacious, and is sun filled (on good days) from around midday. The bamboo nearly keeled over in mid summer, but happily are back on track and help provide a mini ‘oasis’ in the city for us and our guests. Most often we are told that guests are currently enjoying ‘a G&T’ on the terrace or demolishing their Welcome Pack biscuits with a large cuppa.

Things our guests have been notably grateful for have been:

Our secure onsite covered parking,

The bike store,


The well equipped kitchen, meaning they CAN actually cook if they want to,

How clean 106, the beds & linen are,

Proximity to Norwich Lanes, City centre shopping and the Norwich Rail Station.

The fact we have a ‘no pets policy’, we know it stops some visiting, but those that come, love it!

If you’d like to book, or simply check dates, do feel free to call or email, we can add a booking manually, it doesn’t have to be high tech! Remember to  check our reviews on the margin of each page, they come straight from guests once they depart. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter…

Sarah x