Our Advertising!

We think long and hard about where we advertise, but one thing we don’t want to get involved with is sites that charge our guests extra money to book through their site. It may be suggested that the ‘service fee’ is for an insurance policy to protect your booking (we recommend to our guests that you should have an insurance policy to cover all your holidays – we buy a yearly policy, which covers any breaks within a 12 month period).

One of the larger sites we advertise with has now just introduced a ‘service fee’ to guests, once the ‘owners’ accept online bookings via their site. We do not accept online booking from the site and will not be renewing our advert with them. Our advert therefore froze and we have now requested it be removed from their site. They are ‘unable to refund us’. We are doing this for two reasons:

1) We are unable to advertise our correct prices on their system, the site states the same price for 6 nights as 7, clearly inaccurate.

2) Due to the ‘Service Fee’  some of our guests will then be paying more, if they are directed from that site.

We found this interesting blog, online from a fellow holiday let business, Rosie at Eco-Gites of Lenault, and thought it may help to explain to guests or potential guests, the article is now over a year old, but is useful.

Most of our bookings now come from our own family managed website, some from other websites that clearly link to us, we also advertise with Visit Norwich a hugely popular local website, that can also help guests plan their time in Norwich using the what’s on/events/eat & drink/explore & experience pages.

With our online booking system from our own website, we automatically send you a copy of the booking form you fill in and the payments you have made, if you require a separate receipt we are happy to offer one. If you prefer to book via our contact form, please do and we can speak direct. Payments can be by BACS or Cheque or Cards from UK Bank account holders or Credit/Debit Cards from overseas bank account holders. There is a 2% fee on cards and none on Cheque or BACS payments.