Breakfast in Norwich.

I headed over to Norwich early last week before a changeover, so decided to venture into a different café for breakfast and for my morning cuppa!

Parked at TK Maxx on the Cathedral Retail park, and strolled on up to St Benedict’s Street.

Many times I’ve walked right past ‘House’ in favour of other cafes I know and have tried.

So I headed in, spur of the moment. The vibe is relaxed, gentle music in the background and quite a band of customers in already by 8.45am. The place felt slightly quirky, maybe a bit retro, I don’t know, but I instantly liked it! Friendly waiting lady and chef…

Breakfast ordered (service from 9am) my pot of leaf tea arrived straight away, strong, with a mini jug of milk. Other customers arrived, sat on a window seat, or further back near the bar, ordered, read papers, people watched, ate and left, more arrived…

Scrambled eggs on home made Ciabatta just after 9, a proper portion, buttery toast, tasty eggs – perfect start to the day.

No complaints, a gentle start to a busy day!

(Walk there from 106 The Malt House or park up where I did at NR2 4SZ.)