Booking your City Break with an Online Travel Agent or Direct?

For a year after opening 106 The Malt House to guests, we advertised, pretty successfully with a ‘big name’ online travel agent, one of the names most guests will know, and the one that we had previously booked our own self catering holidays via.

After a change in ownership, and with a CEO who publicly declared his intention to charge not only the accommodation providers, but also the booking guests a percentage of the holiday cost, we withdrew our support and advert.

For us this means we must fully focus on the quality of our own website, whilst searching for other online outlets that charge us, and not our guests, and where the advertised price of our apartment will be the same both on our site and on theirs. For example Visit Norwich!

Please do follow this link, for much more information, it was intriguing even to us, to see how many of the different brands guests will know well, are owned by such a small number of companies…

In the last two years the large sites have used the tactic of declaring that ‘booking direct’ with the owners of holiday accommodation is a risk – what about if there is no accommodation, if the people aren’t real etc etc. In response to this we’ve provided our guests with the ability to book online, using a credit card, thus offering security from their own banks, guests can also still pay by cheque or use BACS. We will email you confirmation of your payment, however you pay, immediately.

Guests also have our telephone number, which can be called at any time, and if requested our office address. So, do call, to speak to us in person on 07887 402711!