Booking Directly with Us!

We have been reviewing the places where we have an online presence, with interest!

When we send out our booking forms, the first question we ask guests is, ‘Where did you find us?’ most guests leave this blank, which is a challenge, as we really need to know! Please tell us…

We pay to advertise with a large company with a worldwide audience, we use various other online websites, we are on Twitter, (usually in the morning with tea & toast), have a google + page and of course have our own website! We have just been alerted to the fact that the owner of the large company is going to ‘expect’ his customers ie us, to take online bookings by the end of 2016, as he seeks to increase his profits from owners.

Most of our bookings now, come from our own site, which we manage daily, ourselves. When you book with us, from any of our online sources, you will always communicate with us directly, you can email us or phone and chat, you can check we are real that way! It’s the number one way to book in our opinion, some guests ask no questions at all, get direct, swift booking confirmation and be done, others ask many questions before they book.

We make sure that our availability calendar is always bang up to date and that our prices are good for the next year or year and a half, so guests can book in advance.

If you are looking for a last minute escape to Norwich & the county of Norfolk, if there’s space, we can usually do it. Guests can pick and choose their own arrival and departure dates, pay direct and will not have to pay an additional booking fee to a third party…