2017 Bookings!

The bookings for 2017 are rolling in fast now, and we are so excited! Many are repeat guests, coming back to 106. Some guests are visiting local family, some are escaping family, some are on a rare and well deserved short break and some are booking their staycation holiday.

Whatever the reason, we are so pleased that you are choosing to stay at 106.

If you decide to come back for a second visit (or more) we will be offering you wine in your welcome pack, or if you prefer, perhaps a locally made cake or sweet treat.

We have just ordered half a dozen Vanilla Cupcakes for two guests returning in a month or so, they will be freshly made to order by Anne at Cupcake & Co on Upper St Giles Street in the city and collected on the morning of arrival by us! We do have other lovely contacts locally, so if cake is your thing, do let us know!